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Khairat Adam Commercial Group

Khairat Adam Commercial Group was established by experienced personnel in the commercial field in 2020, to provide top-notch services in the fields of import and export for all customers in various industries and all types of trade.

Our Goals

Establishing, strengthening and expanding import and export operations for our clients.

Fulfilling the requirements of our customers with the best quality, the lowest possible price, and right on time.

Gain the confidence of our customers

Increase the number of our customers locally and internationally

Our vision

To be at the summit of investment and services firms and one of the best companies that meet the needs of customers and investors.
Among our principles are integrity, innovation and quality

Our Services


Where we determine the customer’s requirements and what is needed from the intended market, search for required products with the best quality and price, and secure their arrival on time. While ensuring correct and error-free delivery


Distinguished by exporting the best products from the local markets (especially Syrian), thus ensuring that our customers always have new markets to sell their products.

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Tel : +963 11 8025
Mob: +963 95 777 11 25

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